Grow to Know God Deeply

Calvary is committed to seeing the Gospel transform all of life. As we grow to know God deeply, we increasingly see Him as better than anything our sin offers us.

Key Expression: DNA Discipleship Groups

Calvary is committed to seeing the Gospel transform all of life. As we grow to know God deeply, we increasingly see Him as better than anything our sin offers us. The Bible is clear that it is through meaningful relationships with other believers that we mature in this way.

If you are a Christian, we believe you have been entrusted with the amazing mission of being a disciple who is called to make disciples. DNA Groups are (gender-specific) discipleship groups of 2-4 people, that meet together for 18 weeks. Through sharing life, studying the Word, encouraging one another, and applying the Gospel to specific areas of sin, DNA Groups are where disciples are made.

DNA Groups are a primary environment through which people mature at Calvary.  These small groups enable every member to minister to each other by pouring our lives into one another. Jesus modeled that disciples are made through time, proximity, and relationship.  On Sunday mornings the Bible and its Gospel will be “taught,” and in DNA groups it is “caught” and put into practice.

We are committed to helping you grow as a disciple maker. About once a quarter we offer a 6 week DNA Leader training to help prepare you to lead a DNA Group of your own. Please review our Discipleship Info Sheet to learn more about getting connected to a DNA group today!

For more information, please contact Pastor Anders Snyder –

Calvary Kids

At Calvary, we care a great deal about children and their families. Calvary Kids is a God-centered, interactive, fun and safe environment where children can learn about Jesus and apply the gospel in a way that is culturally relevant to their lives and development.

Calvary Kids offers an interactive learning environment for your child to build relationships, love Jesus and join in our church’s mission “to glorify God by making joyful, passionate disciples of Jesus.” While we believe that parents are the primary nurturers of their child’s spiritual development, we take our responsibility to heart in partnering with families on a journey of teaching children what it means to live a Gospel-Centered life for the glory of God and for their joy!  Info about our primary curriculum, The Gospel Project, can be found here: This is done through classes for nursery through fifth grade.

Interested in serving? Each person on our Calvary Kids team is committed to knowing, leading, feeding, and protecting each child. We would love to equip and encourage those who God has gifted to work with kids. If you would like to learn more about serving, please contact us using the email below.

For more information, please contact Shawna Strasburg –

Calvary Students

The teenage years are vital in training young people to be disciples of Jesus. Statistically, 60 percent of students leave the church after high school. This means that traditionally the church hasn’t done a good job of communicating the gospel to teens and creating a legacy of disciples that is multi-generational. Calvary Student Ministries is focused on helping parents equip young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to be disciples of Jesus by clearly communicating the gospel, creating an environment of worship, and connecting teens to community in the church.

Our purpose is to point students to Jesus so they might become joyful, passionate disciples on a mission for Him. The end-goal of Student Ministry is to create theologically sound Jesus lovers who go on to become vital members of the church in the college years and beyond. Our ministry is shaped and led by 5 core values:

  • Equipping Parents – encourage and partner with parents to help them be the primary spiritual influencers in their teen’s life.
  • Worship – that our students would be an active part of our larger church body.
  • Relationships – that every student is known, loved, and included.
  • God’s Word – that we grow in and learn truth from the Bible each tine we gather.
  • Mission – to serve others and reproduce disciples.

We gather alongside Community Groups every week and also have special events, additional classes, retreats, and mission trips that all work together to help us fulfill our mission. We LOVE parents and communicate with them regularly. We would love to meet you and learn how we can minister to your student.

For more information, please contact Shawna Strasburg –